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At Lessness Heath, our aim is to provide a Music curriculum which is taught through engaging and creative lessons that enable each child to reach their full potential as a musician. We encourage all children to enjoy singing, composing and performing, aiming to help build their confidence through engaging music lessons. We recognise the significant role that music plays in society and are committed to ensuring children understand the value, importance and influence of music in their local, national and international communities. We want to develop pupils who are reflective, expressive and inquisitive musicians that understand how music has helped to shape their culture and the culture of others.


Our Music curriculum is centred on ‘Charanga’, a music teaching and learning platform, which offers a topic-based approach to support learning as stated in the National Curriculum. Throughout the scheme, pupils are involved in using and developing their singing voices, body percussion and whole-body actions, as well as learning to handle and play classroom instruments effectively to create and express their own and others’ music.


Pupils widen their understanding and appreciation of music from a range of cultures and historical periods. They also appraise what they hear, making reference to specific features of the music using appropriate terminology. By delving into the structure of compositions, children also develop their awareness of rhythm and notation.


Music lessons are taught in an engaging and fun way, with the children being able

to move, dance and sing along to the music they hear. Based on what they are listening to, they also have the opportunity to compose their own music, thus allowing them to be creative and expressive. A key component of the music curriculum is the having the opportunity to perform, through which children build their self-confidence, teamwork skills and overall musicianship as they travel through their musical journey at Lessness Heath.


This year we are excited to be taking children to the annual Young Voices choir event at the O2 in Greenwich - we can't wait for the big day and hope to share some fabulous performing with you very soon.

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