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At Lessness Heath, we recognise the technological demands that are placed upon our students now and how this will inevitably increase in the future. As such, our aim is to equip all our pupils to be independent, safe, responsible and confident users of computing technologies, which will allow them to thrive in modern society.


Through our comprehensive E-Safety lessons, we teach our children about their digital footprint and how to be safe and responsible digital citizens. We focus on how to make secure passwords and keep them safe, what information we should be sharing and with who and how to be on guard against phishing emails and illegitimate websites. We look at how to safely research and explore the online world and what to do if they are worried or concerned about anything they encounter online.


We use the iCompute scheme of learning, to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum objectives and the progression of skills and knowledge throughout the year groups. We supplement this teaching by including and encouraging the use of Digital Literacy, Information Technology and Computer Science skills within the wider curriculum, allowing the students to revisit, apply and consolidate previously learnt knowledge and skills in different contexts.


We aim for our computing learners to be:

- Confident & safe users of technology.

- Understanding of the opportunities that the world wide web offers as well as its potential dangers.

- Able to to select and use appropriate hardware and software for a range of purposes.

- Able to create a wide variety of their own digital content.

- Resilient and resourceful when suing technology.

- Ready to face the technological challenges that they may face in the constantly changing wider world.


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